Sunday, 13 April 2014

Here goes nothing!

Here goes Nothing!

Well better late than never, I have planned to start this blog for a few years now but have been to lazy to start it.

Seeming I am diving in to new miniatures from Knight models and even dipping my toe into 70mm scale models it seemed a good time to start it. I'll also use this blog to show off commission work and other stuff I do.

So where to start?

Here's what I have already got from Knight Models, painted and displayed on The Ammobunker site and Facebook:

 photo DSCF0859_zps9229934c.jpg

I started with my names sake: Wolverine:

 photo DSCF0812_zpsbe6ac9ab.jpg

I enjoyed Wolvie so much, I had built, and painted him in one day flat, with a hankering for more!

So When more money became available I bought the Hulk and Captain America:

 photo DSCF0831_zps34ee7872.jpg

 photo DSCF0833_zps3661e180.jpg

These were followed very quickly by Iron-man:

 photo DSCF0841_zpsa019c919.jpg

This is where I have hit a problem and have ran out of 35mm scale Marvel characters and a unwillingness to go DC just yet (Although a Batman and few others may be bought for the painting challenge alone).

Knight Models are not the greatest at getting news about up coming releases until a week or two before they are released, but thankfully Garry Ewing's local indie store was able to help with my problem, and Garry informed me that on Monday 14th April, Knight models will be releasing a Thor and Spiderman 35mm miniatures:

 photo Thor_zps581e8c3d.png
 photo knight-models-marvel-knights-amazing-spider-man1_zps3c063e1c.png

Not knowing when the next 35mm Marvel release will be after these 2, I felt I needed to have a go at the challenge that is Knight Models 70mm scale models and have bought:

 photo knight-models-wolverine-logan-shireworks-1310-03-shireworks5_zps0e012930.jpg

Yep another Wolverine, OK Logan this time, He will be painted up as if from the Movies: The Wolverine. Meaning no denim jeans but green ones instead, far easier to paint.

These purchases have been funded by commission which will also be showing up in here too. Starting with some of Mark Leggat Ultra marines.

To any one reading this I have to recommend the Element games as they have provided a service second to none. For example, I ordered the Hulk and Captain America on a Monday before 3:30pm and I had them the very next day. For those going to use Element game please feel free to use my promo code AND220 where we will both get double reward points.

Apologies, for grammatical mistakes I am dyslexic :D

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