Thursday, 17 April 2014

Back again!

Well as I said yesterday, I had my dispatch e-mail and as I said in the post today was my 70mm Logan:

 photo DSCF0884_zpsfd8a75bb.jpg

The model inside:

 photo DSCF0885_zps459c4865.jpg

All there and in good shape although 3 of the claws seemed a little small, but nothing untoward so I went ahead and built him:

 photo temporary_zps368dbfe7.jpg

It was at this point that I realised the smaller claws were wrong and looked silly in comparison with his left hand:

 photo temporary_zpsb973fded.jpg

So I rang Element games and they said sounds like a miscast and advised me to contact Knight Models. Me being me and impatient I couldn't wait for Knight to respond, So I tried something new and built replacements from plasticard:

 photo DSCF0886_zps4b3469fd.jpg

Not bad for my first ever try and use plasticard to build stuff, so after a little filing and sanding Logan went from:


 photo DSCF0887_zpsd5d0df48.jpg

To proper Wolvie claws:

 photo DSCF0888_zpscdb7e2b7.jpg

So back to Thor, I chickened out of NMM and did normal metallic, also halfway through red cape:

 photo DSCF0889_zps426c3666.jpg

More update tomorrow.

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