Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Element Games Rock

As I said in my post yesterday, I had got a dispatch e-mail from Element Games stating My pre-order of Thor and Spider-man had been sent.
And from past experience I generally get them the next day, guess what I did:

 photo DSCF0876_zps1b89bfd8.jpg

I really have to recommend Element games, and if you do please use my promo code: AND220 we will both get double reward points.

So for the unpacking:

 photo DSCF0880_zps3fad8a3e.jpg

Very fiddly and was a nightmare to assemble but but very nice miniature once finished.

 photo DSCF0882_zpse402cbd7.jpg

Thor on the other hand was far easier to build, I also have placed him on a larger base, like I did with the Hulk as they are large minis and look better on bigger bases:

 photo DSCF0881_zps96537ec9.jpg

Most of you guys who know me I won't wait around long before I paint these and Thor has been started. Flesh is not going the way I'd like but it is finished and the black tunic is complete, I will also be trying NMM on Thor :

 photo DSCF0883_zps44849f39.jpg

On even more news, I got another dispatch e-mail from Element Games, my 70mm Logan has been sent oh happy days, lets see if Element live up to my expectation and it arriving tomorrow.

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