Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hulk, Strongest there is!

So my cave picture had people stumped hey! No-one willing to guess?

Well the Hulk has been started and I have even tried for the first time ever pre-highlighting (I think that's what it's called) where you spray black upwards for the shadows and white downwards for the highlights:

 photo temporary_zps293427cc.jpg

 photo temporary_zps6ccd581a.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsedabf7e6.jpg

I am even going to pull out the airbrush and give that a go to

Friday, 30 May 2014


Well look what arrived today:

 photo temporary_zpse66a47bf.jpg

One hellava box for a minature, yep my 70mm Hulk has arrived.

This model cam with 3 opinions: Green, Red and Grey Hulk. I search the website for help, visited and posted on several forums asking for help and even e-mail an actually professional artist for help (and he replied with very helpful advice and information) 

So drum roll please.................

 photo preview_136-905_zps478802bb.jpg

Yep good old green quite simple because I didn't like the opinions for red and grey.

So have a couple of thick layers of foam I find this:

 photo temporary_zpsb9df0b47.jpg

 photo temporary_zpse03e6cbc.jpg

So quite a large box for a smallish miniature. The model its self is very good quality with a few mould problem a little cutting filing, sanding and greenstuff won't sorted out. Built just a little greenstuffing left.

 photo temporary_zps8fb85bef.jpg

Although I would be painting him as Red or Grey hulk I thought I'd do little busts of the opinional heads too:

 photo temporary_zpsdb43a288.jpg

So how can I afford this little beauty well more commission work which will follow after the hulk:

 photo temporary_zps1bf6f685.jpg

Some DKoK!

Also went here today:

 photo temporary_zpsc78624ce.jpg

But who can tell me where :D

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Days of Futures Past!

Well I finally received Knight Models Magneto last Wednesday and got it already in time to go see X-men: Days of future past, which was simple the greatest film I have seen for sometime, I was one very happy geek.

Until seeing DOFP, I was going to paint Magneto like this:

 photo 3287670-bdlrmhocmaax7dijpglarge_zpsf0d42791.jpg
An alternative costume from the AvX comic run, but after see DOFP I decided to try my hand at copying Magneto the film:

 photo 10168094_774200522612638_7412530848672715323_n_zpsd7612d52.jpg

Not sure if I succeed or not but the face was a real bitch, tried to cheat on the small area but just couldn't get it right:

 photo DSCF0925_zps74553f82.jpg

 photo DSCF0926_zps74934550.jpg

 photo DSCF0927_zpsfc199326.jpg

Again I am waiting for more Knight models I am currently waiting for Junes releases to be announced and this guy to come in the post:

 photo preview_136-905_zps478802bb.jpg

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

And complete!

With Knight releasing Magneto 35mm mini this week,

 photo 10178110_488902711210052_331935310595272022_n_zpsf5a1dc48.png

I soldiered through the pain of carpel tunnel and got all of Marks marines done:

 photo temporary_zpsbd46ab63.jpg

All ready posting :D Will take a better group photo with the booth just before packing and sending.

On a completely different note I have taken up a little light gardening. Darwyn and I are growing some sunflowers where I have some chilli plants in there too:

 photo temporary_zpsf6628105.jpg

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

3rd of 4!

Number 3 is done not the best picture, as camera was charging in the kitchen with very bad lighting but once all 4 are done will get out the booth and fancy camera:

 photo temporary_zps2458a039.jpg

Also news from Knight Models! The next Marvel miniatures is Magneto the master of Magnetism, only one this month which is a shame but pre-ordered from the superb Element games. My code is AND220 for those who wants to get double points

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Another one bites the dust!

Two marines down 2 to go.

I was very tempted to leave this one to last it being Marks Favourites and me being a git but hey:

 photo temporary_zpsf1eadd10.jpg

Thursday, 1 May 2014

1 down 3 to go!

OK first of the Mark Marines are done, I know he looks more Crimson fist than Ultramarine:

 photo temporary_zpsca2fcfa8.jpg

My Carpel tunnel is kicking up a fuss something rotten, so not sure how long my painting will now take.

Still waiting for new Knight model news.