Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I have been meaning to come back for awhile!

Do have to say I have been a little naughty after promising you guys I would do this post allot sooner than I have.

I have some good excuse and some not so good:


  1. Last Tuesday I had a cortisol injection into my wrist to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, which made typing near impossible (but thankfully not painting).
  2. Painting I have had and have many miniatures distracting me from getting around to do this.
  3. The amount of pictures I have to sort through and use is very daunting
  4. I am just plain lazy, when it comes to this blog (sorry). 
  5. I have 2 young kids and a Wife.
 photo temporary_20.jpg

To cut time down I have decided to stick with my camera phone, instead of going through the rigmarole of setting up the photo tent.

Well a few week ago I was astonished to be asked for painting guides on how I would tackle curtain colours. So I put up a poll in Arkham city Limits on which Knight model I should paint next. Mr Freeze and Killer Frost won with AK Harley Quinn coming second, So I decided to go for both.

I don't know if I'm being overly humble or something but I never really consider myself a good enough painter on Arkham city limits, to deserve such a request, especially with people like Ian Alcock producing some stunning scenery, and Mark Lathams AK Batman which make me feel sad how good it is compared to my efforts. I could name more but this blog post has taken long enough to sort out as it is.

So To start with I thought I had better reel off some pictures of other models I have done, before I go through a step by step guide to "some" of my techniques and cheats. If I don't cover something you want to know about please ask on here or on the necessary FB group you find the link to here.

Firstly some commission work I have just completed:

KM: Commissioner Gordon, GCPD SWAT and GCPD Cops:

 photo temporary_17.jpg  photo temporary_14.jpg  photo temporary_7.jpg  photo temporary_6.jpg  photo temporary_5.jpg

And of course a Batman:

 photo DSCF1243.jpg

While I waited for more KM models to arrive I painted up this free Hasslefree model I got:

 photo temporary_8.jpg

Now for the brass tacks, time for the KM: minis I did for the request. I will be doing a step by step guide for each colour and have step by step pictures for some parts but I get quite in to painting and forgot to take all the needed pictures. So it will be a descriptive step by step and you can look at my photo buckets for the all the pictures: My photo bucket

Lets hope this works and is helpful

Lets start with the finished pictures:

Harley Quinn:

 photo temporary_66.jpg  photo temporary_68.jpg

In the first picture on the spray can lid Harley is attached to you can see the many stages I do for my skin.

Killer Frost:

 photo temporary_46.jpg

I will say how I made the icicles too.

And Harley Quinns goons:

 photo temporary_9.jpg  photo temporary_11.jpg  photo temporary_13.jpg

I am not going to describe everything, I am just going to say how I do skin, blacks, red, basic bases and icicles. If there is anything I have missed out that you want to know just ask.

So my first tip/ cheat is these:

 photo temporary_21.jpg

Paint sets from Andrea Color and Scale 75. These contain all you need to simply achieve a given colour or effect. For beginners simply use the contents as described in their instruction books or for the more experienced painter add extra steps and colours as needed. The instructions tend to be around 6 basic steps, I end up with 12 plus steps.

There are great sets and wish I could get them all, but I am a school teacher and lack money to buy them all.

Firstly, lets start with my basic base.:

 photo temporary_50.jpg

  1. GW Skavenblight Dinge
  2. GW Agrax Earthshade
  3. Dry brush: GW Skavenblight Dinge
  4. Dry brush: GW Stormvermin fur
  5. Dry brush: Dawnstone
  6. Top with which ever flock, grass, leaves you want 

 photo temporary_65.jpg

I have a step by step guide here: Skin tutorial

  1. Base coat Tallarn flesh 1:1 with water
  2. talllarn flesh 85% / scorched brown 15% 3:1 water and paint. In all recesses of all depths
  3. Tallarn flesh 70% / scorched brown 30% 3:1 water to paint
  4. Tallarn flesh 60% / scorched brown 40% 3:1 water to paint
  5. Tallarn flesh 50/50 scorched brown 3:1 water to paint
  6. Scorched brown 3:1 water paint
  7. Scorched brown 75% / chaos black 25% 3:1 water paint very deepest recesses barely use
  8. Re highlight with base.
  9. Highlight with tallarn flesh 75% / bronzed flesh 25% 3:1 water to paint
  10. Next highlight 50\50 tallarn flesh bronzed flesh 3:1 water to paint
  11. Highlight 25% tallarn / 25% bronzed / 50 % white 3:1 water to paint
  12. Extreme highlight 12% tallarn/ 12% bronzed / 75% white 3:1 water to paint.
  13. Wash of base plus a red (scab red) on lips, cheeks bones, noses ( males, and drinkers only) anyplace you'd find reddened areas
  14. Wash of base plus a dark green on temples, back of knees lower cheeks under nose
You could go further and do a similar wash as steps 13 and 14 but with a dark blue. Also the new GW scorched brown (rhinox hide I think) is rubbish for this and so is cadian flesh tone. Best use Oak brown from Army painter and a Golden skin from Scale 75 instead.
I would love to take the credit for this recipe but got it from Miniature Mentor tutorials

Killer Frost Skin:

 photo temporary_28.jpg

I initially went done the purple route but found, it wasn't working and was coming out to dark and the highlights were not blending as well:

 photo DSCF1281.jpg

Do a dip in Fairy power spray (I prefer Nitro-mors to strip metal minis but had none and it's nasty stuff you get it on you skin) and she was like new:

 photo temporary_17.jpg

So with this second attempt I went for a grey undercoat (usually what I use), but was struggling for a way to paint her skin effectively, but I remember a whole load of tutorial White Dwarf did years ago, when White Dwarf was worth getting and not just a glorified catalogue. I found in issue 356 page 96 a Tau skin tutorial and the finish they had on Commander Shadowsun was close to want I wanted so went for it that way which is:

  1.  Base coat of Fenris grey which liche purple added (liche purple is added to each stage come to think about it)
  2. Wash with 1:1:1 Liche purple:Scorched brown (oak brown): and badab black.
  3. Layer of shadow grey (and LP)
  4. 1:1:1 Shadow grey, fortress grey and kommando khaki (and LP)
  5. Highlight Kommando Khaki (No LP)
  6. Extreme highlight of white
  7. Glaze of Liche purple
Killer frost blue was achieved using Andrea colors blue set ( with more intermediate stages of colour) but with added Hawk turquoise to each stage and a further stage of VMC sky blue plus a glaze of Gulliman blue:
 photo temporary_30.jpg

My palette after just the Killer Frost Skin and blues top

 photo temporary_29.jpg

Painting Red:
Again originally not my invention, yes I put my own spin on it but I basically nick the basics from my friend Rasmus Lassen and his Blog: Paint and Procrastination

  1.  Solid base coat of GWs Khorne Red (1:1 water to paint)
  2. Shading. Use GWs Drakenhof Nightshade and Druchii Violet. add to the recess and out slightly do this a few times until you are happy with the transition
  3. Highlight with GWs Khorne Red (3:1 water to paint)
  4. Highlight with 50/50 mix of Khorne Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet, (3:1 water to paint)
  5. Highlight with 25/75 mix of Khorne Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet, (3:1 water to paint)
  6. Highlight with pure Evil Sunz Scarlet (3:1 water to paint)
  7. Highlight with 50/50 mix of Evil Sunz Scarlet and Wild Rider Red, (3:1 water to paint)
  8. Highlight with 1:1:1 mix of Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wild Rider Red and bronzed flesh, (3:1 water to paint)

Painting Black:

     photo temporary_66.jpg  photo 5d8baf55-7788-4783-be6b-a521db3fdbb9.jpg

    I have several different ways to paint Black one where I start with the highlights and work down to the shading, Several variation of the Andrea Black paint set. But the Two I am going to show you now are the ones I use the most and basically exactly the same.

    There is the cold black of Harley Quinns Dress and the SWAT guys flak jacket and the neutral black of the Harley Quinn gun or the SWAT guys pouches.

    Cold black

    1. Base coat of Chaos Black and Regal blue (2:1) in the above cases I used VMC Royal blue nstead
    2. Highlights add increasing amounts of fortress grey until pure fortress
    3. Extreme highlight of fortress grey
    4. Too the extreme highlight of Fortress grey and skull white 1:1
    5. Glaze of Andreas Black ink
    You can vary the finish you get by using different shades and tones of blue, e.g. brighter blues will give lighter cooler blacks where grey blues will give greyer cooler neutral blacks

    My neutral grey is exactly the same but minus the blue

    What about the Icicles then:

     photo temporary_46.jpg

    These guys are very simple use old clear plastic sprues or rods I just shape them into shape and glue them on:

     photo DSCF1261.jpg

    Then using woodland scenics, snow effect to create layers of snow and ice

    So what's next from here's a teaser:

     photo temporary_18.jpg  photo temporary_15.jpg

    I do take commission work, I'm fairly quick and cheap, just ask.

    Also if someone from Knight models is reading and likes my painting, although I'm not as good as some of the people you I would love to paint some stuff for you.

    Saturday, 18 July 2015

    Back sooner than you guys were expecting!

    Not such a long wait this time, and like I said last time I'd have a USS Enterprise to show you, some GCPD and a Batman.

    So lets start with the USS Enterprise.

    Back in Easter while on holiday in Aberystwyth, I bought a Revel USS Enterprise (TOS) model kit. Not the Enterprise I wanted but I always wanted to one of thee kits and was the only one in the shop:

    This is the first time I have attempt to build paint and cecal up one of these types of kits.

    It was immensely fun and even used my airbrush to paint it so here we go, tell me what you think:

     photo DSCF1249.jpg
     photo DSCF1250.jpg  photo DSCF1251.jpg  photo DSCF1252.jpg  photo DSCF1253.jpg  photo DSCF1254.jpg  photo DSCF1255.jpg  photo DSCF1256.jpg

    I also have done half of a commission I have been given for 4 xGCPD cops and a Batman

     photo DSCF1239.jpg

     photo DSCF1240.jpg

     photo DSCF1241.jpg

     photo DSCF1242.jpg

     photo DSCF1243.jpg

     photo DSCF1244.jpg

    I am well chuffed with the Batman, shame I have to return it to his owner.

    This is not all I have also painted my very own Poison Ivy, another miniature I am very happy with the finished product:

     photo DSCF1245.jpg  photo DSCF1246.jpg  photo DSCF1247.jpg  photo DSCF1248.jpg

    I have had an extremely humbling experience while on the Arkham City Limits FB group, yet again I have been made to feel extremely welcomed and loved my the members.

    First it was my Flash model and now it is a request for a step by step painting guide of how I would tackle a Knight model miniature. So currently there is a poll on Arkham City limits asking which model I should get next currently, Mr Freeze and Killer Frost is winning.

    I just wish I had funds to do more than just a few miniatures at a time.

    Coming soon: Commissioner Gordon and GCPD SWAT, more MDF buildings and the step by step guide of the poll winners.

    Sunday, 5 July 2015

    Boy! I should get my hand slapped!

    Been way to long since I was last here, which is starting to sound like a stuck record.

    I always return promising to be more regular, but I never do!

    I haven't been lazy, I have been painting and I have around 60 pictures for you guys today.

    So where should I begin. (If I had been more regular, this would have been a lot easier).

    As some of you know I have gotten into Infinity, and needed some terrain for it, (Also now that I'm in the quagmire of Batman miniature game) I needs lots of terrain to make the games as interesting as possible.

    I have currently only bought products from Sarissa Precision and I have bought 6 buildings so far with 3 more planned in the near future and even more after that (Also some TTcombat from trolltrader too).

    Here is what I have so far:

     photo DSCF1170.jpg

     photo DSCF1171.jpg

     photo DSCF1172.jpg

     photo DSCF1173.jpg

     photo DSCF1174.jpg

     photo DSCF1175.jpg

    I do have to say I am a very big fan of these buildings and can't wait to have a full gaming board of them.

    So what next well I have already mentioned it so I better go Infinity. I have bought all I thought I wanted for my Nomad faction but I have now decided on 2 more models and also to increase the Pan oceania I have so I have roughly the same sized forces for both.

    Firstly 2 Hellcats:

     photo DSCF1176.jpg  photo DSCF1177.jpg

     photo DSCF1179.jpg  photo DSCF1180.jpg

    Iguana TAG Pilot

     photo DSCF1181.jpg  photo DSCF1182.jpg

    Iguana TAG:

     photo DSCF1183.jpg  photo DSCF1184.jpg

     photo DSCF1185.jpg

    The unit that got me into Infinity the Gecko TAG:

     photo DSCF1188.jpg  photo DSCF1189.jpg

     photo DSCF1190.jpg  photo DSCF1191.jpg

     photo DSCF1192.jpg

    I realised that after a game, my Faction lacked any close combat so I went and got a Merc: Tearlach McMurrough:

     photo DSCF1186_1.jpg  photo DSCF1187.jpg

    I do have to say both the game and the miniature ranges is sweet, it is a must try for everyone.

    Here's some random Dwarf Pirate I had:

     photo DSCF1193.jpg  photo DSCF1194.jpg

    Being a huge TMNT fan, when I came across these on a Russian site I had to have them and I am glad I did. These were some of the sweet minis to paint had immense fun painting them:

     photo DSCF1198.jpg  photo DSCF1200.jpg

     photo DSCF1202.jpg  photo DSCF1203.jpg

     photo DSCF1205.jpg

    Now for my first miniature love KM Marvel (with a little hasslefree)

    Hasslefree: Jinx (Scarlet Witch):

     photo DSCF1206.jpg  photo DSCF1207.jpg

    KM Doctor Octopus:

     photo DSCF1208.jpg  photo DSCF1209.jpg

    KM Green Goblin:

     photo DSCF1210.jpg  photo DSCF1211.jpg

    After the HUGE success of the Flash miniature with water effect I was inspired to do more:

    Superman flying across water:

     photo DSCF1212.jpg  photo DSCF1213.jpg

    Superman taking off:

     photo DSCF1214.jpg  photo DSCF1215.jpg

    This then ended up leading me to get more KM DC miniatures:

    Batwoman and Batman:

     photo DSCF1216.jpg  photo DSCF1219.jpg

    Black Canary and Nightwing:

     photo DSCF1221.jpg  photo DSCF1223.jpg

    Robin and Alfred:

     photo DSCF1217.jpg  photo DSCF1220.jpg

    As you can tell with the presence of Alfred, I bought the rules and got a second crew.

    This was never meant to happen but after seeing the court of owls, I was in:

     photo DSCF1228.jpg  photo DSCF1229.jpg

     photo DSCF1230.jpg  photo DSCF1233.jpg

     photo DSCF1232.jpg  photo DSCF1236.jpg

    A lot of miniatures painted, buildings and more to come.

     photo DSCF1237.jpg

    USS Enterprise, GCPD, Another Batman, GCPD SWAT and Jim Gordon.

    Who knows when I'll be back the next time could be a quick short update or more likely a huge one like today thank you for reading here's a Wolverine for your patience:

     photo Boy-Wolverine.jpg