Sunday, 1 March 2015

Shock horror!

I am back already, although with a small update a update none the less.

I am still waiting for more Infinity miniatures should have more by the end of the week:

I should get:

1 x Knight models DC The Flash.
1 x Infinity Gecko Squad
1x Iguana
1 x Hellcats squad
plus scenic bases for the infinity.

I have been busy getting really old minis I have done.

To start with Pilot White Dwarf, I have this for some time now got if from Ben Saunders while on the Isle of Wight and finally got it painted:

 photo DSCF1127_zpsan00g3pi.jpg

 photo DSCF1126_zpsjmnsithr.jpg

Next Is another version of the White Dwarf not sure if he is an Astronaut or a Techpriest. I have had this one even longer than the Pilot:

 photo DSCF1128_zpsxfpxedl7.jpg

 photo DSCF1129_zps9pjrjjbw.jpg

 photo DSCF1130_zpstlibjhnw.jpg

Now for what next but in no particular order:

Dwarf King on Shield bearers. I have had this bad boy for several years bought it back in My University days:

 photo DSCF1131_zpsaebiulu9.jpg

Again something I bought while at University of Aberystwyth from probably the best shop in the world "The Albatross" which I get to see again for the first time in 7 years this up coming Easter:

Gandalf the Grey on horse drawn cart:

 photo DSCF1133_zpsxnzrwzmi.jpg

Now for something I haven't had that long but has been in my to do Pile for a good couple of years. Not sure who makes it or where the base comes from but this is a little a project of my own creation:

Post apocalyptic scene:

 photo DSCF1132_zps87qpazyw.jpg

Still waiting for the elusive comments

Hopeful next update will contain some of these miniatures finally complete, some Infinity and a copy of A to Z, Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 1.


  1. Just found your blog Wolvie, it's good to see you're still going strong! It's AWOL from the bunker days here, if you recall me.
    Solid work here, as usual. The girl in the post-apoc scene, is she from statuesque? She looks like their style, although I can't say I think I've seen her before?
    And the White Dwarfs are bril, they've got loads of character.

    Glad to see you've gotten into Infinity too, and even picked the right faction. ;)

  2. Of course I remember you dude, I still use the bunker, although not as much these days. I found out where the girl came from she is from a company called Taban a game they make/made called Eden.

    Cheers for being the first to comment, How did you fine me? do you have a blog somewhere?