Monday, 9 March 2015

Yippee Ki Yay mother.....s New toys!

Well I'm here with more pictures of newness and painted models. 

I finally received my last units for my Nomad force from Element games (and220 is my code, I'll happily return the favour)

Firstly here's what I bought:

 photo temporary_zps9126758e.jpg

1 x Gecko Squad,
1 x Iguana Squad,
1 x Hellcat squad,
Infinity templates
5 x 28mm scenic bases
2 x 40mm scenic bases
1 x 60mm scenic base
Knight models, The Flash.

First up to be built were the Gecko squad have been looking forward to these guys, ever since I saw them released:

 photo temporary_zps8373bf08.jpg

The unboxing, the great thing about Infinity boxes they come in a separate padded box:

 photo temporary_zps2bda07b7.jpg

 photo temporary_zps9d705783.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsb0def1a2.jpg

These guys were absolute beasts to build, great fun. They fitted well together with very little gaps, some companies out there need to take a notice of these models, quality miniatures, at a reasonable price made from metal not some fancy useless resin.

The next one out of the Box was the Iguana TAG plus pilot, again something I was looking forward to build:

 photo temporary_zps5c489f0b.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsffff99b5.jpg

 photo temporary_zps8a595c9a.jpg

The Pilot:
 photo temporary_zpscf598593.jpg

Again just like the Geckos, this was a beast to build and I loved it. Again fitted together lovely with very few gaps that needs filling.

Lastly was the Hellcats, which came in a blister:

 photo temporary_zpsb8f3a245.jpg

In this pack there were 2 hellcats, 1 Hacker and 1 armed with a HMG:


 photo temporary_zps2fe7b67f.jpg

The Hacker:

 photo temporary_zps4827406f.jpg

These guy were great to build but not as fun as the Geckos and Iguana.

And of course the Templates:

 photo temporary_zpscfab3f9e.jpg

Nice simple templates, not much to really report other than I love the fact you can choose the colour you want.

Oh I won't leave out the standard group shot too:

 photo temporary_zps6afa5324.jpg

And of course where would this blog be without something from Knight models.

And shock horror it ain't a Marvel character or a DC character being turned into a Marvel character but an actual DC character the Flash:

 photo temporary_zpsc8522527.jpg

With the Flash I am going to try something new, and for the second time ever, I am going to try my hand at sculpting.
I am going to try and sculpt the notion of speed:

I started off creating a funnel effect with plasticard:

 photo temporary_zps835bcdc9.jpg

I at this point realise I very little greenstuff and it's Saturday night, and I live in the middle of nowhere and the hobby shop will be closed on Sunday. BUGGER!

So off to Tesco I go on Sunday and while shopping I pick up some Plumbers putty, in the hope that will work...

Bollocks did it work started of great and cure with in seconds, so I bite the build dug up some old liquid greenstuff I have and it had thickened up nicely enough to use use just like normal greenstuff.

So with my tools and a little water I am now building up the effect:

First layer:

 photo temporary_zps4cf0f608.jpg

After a few more layers not sure if I should do more or paint it as water or dust:

 photo temporary_zpse44ab763.jpg

So I really could do with some help, more layers and water or dust?

I promised some painted stuff:

Well here is Alice and Bo the dog from the Apocalyptic future completed:

 photo temporary_zps9f0bdb27.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsa1c04ac4.jpg

 photo temporary_zps8035738b.jpg

I am waiting on the Angel Giraldez painting guide before I start the Infinity minis so Flash next then probably Gandalf

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  1. Sheesh, colour me jealous Wolvie, the Nomad stuff you've picked up is pretty much what's on my own wishlist atm. :) I'll be looking forward to seeing you work on those!

    I think that Flash could do with getting the angle between the plates softened, if that makes sense? Where the horisontal bottom plate meets the rising plates on the side. I think that would make it look more like a shock cone. Inventive base, tho - I doubt I'd have thought of something like that, it's cool.

    Good job on Alice and Bob too.