Saturday, 18 July 2015

Back sooner than you guys were expecting!

Not such a long wait this time, and like I said last time I'd have a USS Enterprise to show you, some GCPD and a Batman.

So lets start with the USS Enterprise.

Back in Easter while on holiday in Aberystwyth, I bought a Revel USS Enterprise (TOS) model kit. Not the Enterprise I wanted but I always wanted to one of thee kits and was the only one in the shop:

This is the first time I have attempt to build paint and cecal up one of these types of kits.

It was immensely fun and even used my airbrush to paint it so here we go, tell me what you think:

 photo DSCF1249.jpg
 photo DSCF1250.jpg  photo DSCF1251.jpg  photo DSCF1252.jpg  photo DSCF1253.jpg  photo DSCF1254.jpg  photo DSCF1255.jpg  photo DSCF1256.jpg

I also have done half of a commission I have been given for 4 xGCPD cops and a Batman

 photo DSCF1239.jpg

 photo DSCF1240.jpg

 photo DSCF1241.jpg

 photo DSCF1242.jpg

 photo DSCF1243.jpg

 photo DSCF1244.jpg

I am well chuffed with the Batman, shame I have to return it to his owner.

This is not all I have also painted my very own Poison Ivy, another miniature I am very happy with the finished product:

 photo DSCF1245.jpg  photo DSCF1246.jpg  photo DSCF1247.jpg  photo DSCF1248.jpg

I have had an extremely humbling experience while on the Arkham City Limits FB group, yet again I have been made to feel extremely welcomed and loved my the members.

First it was my Flash model and now it is a request for a step by step painting guide of how I would tackle a Knight model miniature. So currently there is a poll on Arkham City limits asking which model I should get next currently, Mr Freeze and Killer Frost is winning.

I just wish I had funds to do more than just a few miniatures at a time.

Coming soon: Commissioner Gordon and GCPD SWAT, more MDF buildings and the step by step guide of the poll winners.

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