Sunday, 11 January 2015

I'm back and sooner than I thought!

Well I'm back and this time with lots to show.

Firstly, lets finish off from last post! I mentioned my up coming work, from Knight models Thanos, Daredevil and Elektra:

On Thanos I even tried some form of NMM gold:

 photo DSCF1052_zps45d912c9.jpg

 photo DSCF1053_zps40879ecd.jpg

Not the greatest NMM I know :D

Daredevil, probably the easiest one so far, he is just red, was think alternatives scheme but that meant either loads of yellow or more black:

 photo DSCF1060_zps3b9891a8.jpg

 photo DSCF1061_zpsbd2e01b2.jpg

And finally Elektra and yes alternative scheme and I like it!

 photo DSCF1056_zps79cf59d9.jpg

 photo DSCF1057_zps68a4aa18.jpg

Also I have tried some new with I need c and c on it please.

I have tried my hand at Candy apple finish:

 photo temporary_zps7539ab36.jpg

I started with painting a gold effect as normal then covered with a tamiya clear red coat:

 photo temporary_zps26d40fb1.jpg

I tried to get better pictures by the shine was too much:

 photo DSCF1064_zps1dc6c7d5.jpg

I also finally got one of my Christmas presents, late thanks to the feckless idiots I ordered it from.

Yep thanks to the lovely Gecko Squad I am now starting Infinity.

I got the Infinity operation: Ice storm starter set so I could get others to play:

 photo temporary_zpsaddde911.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsb752cfc4.jpg

 photo temporary_zps77c2693c.jpg

 photo temporary_zps4b6859ac.jpg

The Nomads:

 photo temporary_zps8ada298b.jpg

 photo temporary_zps31ee5b28.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsc340a46f.jpg

 photo temporary_zps3f3a7b06.jpg

 photo temporary_zps089b3e53.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsf0f2afb4.jpg

 photo temporary_zps0d497e5e.jpg

 photo temporary_zps33154df6.jpg

The Pan Oceania:

 photo temporary_zps0ab1fc38.jpg

 photo temporary_zps31341fad.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsceaf21fe.jpg

 photo temporary_zps02baca9f.jpg

 photo temporary_zps3d9f6343.jpg

 photo temporary_zps8571034c.jpg

 photo temporary_zps96cd5df6.jpg

 photo temporary_zpse5f563d3.jpg

Some real good miniature, great sculpts, good quality and apart from a few problems parts matching up they are great miniatures.

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