Saturday, 13 September 2014

Been awhile!

Boy! I have been away awhile, I have been painting just haven't had the mojo to post my work in here, so come on guys give me a bit of feedback and keep my moo flowing.

As I said in the past my carpel tunnel is slowing me down, but I am happy to say the treatment on the 13th August seems to have taken currently no sharp pains in my wrist, only mild stiffness and dull pain. Which making long painting sessions a thing of the past.

I can happily say I have complete all 30 infantry for a commission I'm working on and 25% through the Death Riders:

 photo DSCF0983_zps29374a6f.jpg

 photo DSCF0985_zps29276d1e.jpg

 photo DSCF0986_zpsd6dcf2f3.jpg

Thankfully, I have now in my own personal paint have moved away from batch painting and concentrate on character pieces.

And as always have Knight models miniatures to show off.

I'll start with the Black Widow:

 photo DSCF0991_zps41adfef7.jpg

 photo DSCF0990_zps9c075064.jpg

Next is in fact a DC character the Green Arrow, but I again have changed his purpose and fashioned myself a Hawkeye:

 photo DSCF0992_zps5fa575c0.jpg  photo DSCF0993_zpsad0e2095.jpg

The duet:

 photo DSCF0994_zpsacb45944.jpg

Now for something you can't buy in the shops, from a private sculptor, someone you have to talk to very nicely if you want one. Donatello to go with my Leonardo:

 photo DSCF0996_zpsedf78e02.jpg  photo DSCF0997_zps30f5fe02.jpg

Brotherly love:

 photo DSCF0998_zps2b56f631.jpg

 photo DSCF1001_zps6e012a34.jpg

So hope you like, and hope you readers help me with my mojo!

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