Friday, 30 May 2014


Well look what arrived today:

 photo temporary_zpse66a47bf.jpg

One hellava box for a minature, yep my 70mm Hulk has arrived.

This model cam with 3 opinions: Green, Red and Grey Hulk. I search the website for help, visited and posted on several forums asking for help and even e-mail an actually professional artist for help (and he replied with very helpful advice and information) 

So drum roll please.................

 photo preview_136-905_zps478802bb.jpg

Yep good old green quite simple because I didn't like the opinions for red and grey.

So have a couple of thick layers of foam I find this:

 photo temporary_zpsb9df0b47.jpg

 photo temporary_zpse03e6cbc.jpg

So quite a large box for a smallish miniature. The model its self is very good quality with a few mould problem a little cutting filing, sanding and greenstuff won't sorted out. Built just a little greenstuffing left.

 photo temporary_zps8fb85bef.jpg

Although I would be painting him as Red or Grey hulk I thought I'd do little busts of the opinional heads too:

 photo temporary_zpsdb43a288.jpg

So how can I afford this little beauty well more commission work which will follow after the hulk:

 photo temporary_zps1bf6f685.jpg

Some DKoK!

Also went here today:

 photo temporary_zpsc78624ce.jpg

But who can tell me where :D

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