Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Days of Futures Past!

Well I finally received Knight Models Magneto last Wednesday and got it already in time to go see X-men: Days of future past, which was simple the greatest film I have seen for sometime, I was one very happy geek.

Until seeing DOFP, I was going to paint Magneto like this:

 photo 3287670-bdlrmhocmaax7dijpglarge_zpsf0d42791.jpg
An alternative costume from the AvX comic run, but after see DOFP I decided to try my hand at copying Magneto the film:

 photo 10168094_774200522612638_7412530848672715323_n_zpsd7612d52.jpg

Not sure if I succeed or not but the face was a real bitch, tried to cheat on the small area but just couldn't get it right:

 photo DSCF0925_zps74553f82.jpg

 photo DSCF0926_zps74934550.jpg

 photo DSCF0927_zpsfc199326.jpg

Again I am waiting for more Knight models I am currently waiting for Junes releases to be announced and this guy to come in the post:

 photo preview_136-905_zps478802bb.jpg

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