Saturday, 4 October 2014

Ouch that hurts!

Well my wrist are not getting any better, the treatment on my right wrist I had in August has worn off, and my wrist is getting worse.

Thankfully I have got stuff painted, finished and started. Unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of the stuff I have finished before I returned them to their owner with a little add extra too.

Thankfully no more mass batching ever again! Only character work from here on out!

Well I got the Ghostbuster figures from Crooked dice recently and have started:

Slimer first:

 photo temporary_zpsc5c02e02.jpg

and due to popular vote I started Egon next and I'm half way through the skin (The Ghostbusters will have a GB2 suit the Grey colour suits and not the GB1 khaki suits)

 photo temporary_zps1ef20d8c.jpg

Will take better photos once the set is complete.

Come guys leave a comment, follow me something, only have 2 followers and both of them are mates. Feeling lonely.

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