Saturday, 14 June 2014

Time for a big'un!

No real paint updates today, apart from I have started the commission work have have built all the DK ready for undercoating, but having to take my time with these as my Carpel tunnel really prevents me from batch painting these days (I really should get the injection or op but I'm chicken)

So Firstly, look what I got:

 photo temporary_zps3479ce7e.jpg

Ever since I saw these guys advertised, I had to have them.

 photo temporary_zpse42c6e4a.jpg
So I just had to get into this bad boy, firstly it came in a lovely box (shame tesco plastered a delivery sticker on the back)

Little bags of goodness:

 photo temporary_zps1507b349.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsc55bb63b.jpg
Took awhile but all sorted into piles:

 photo temporary_zpsbfa17376.jpg

As with every Lego kit the men get built first so here is Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston

 photo temporary_zps5267ff16.jpg

Then came Ecto-1 this was a superb build and would love to build more Lego (fingers crossed for the fire house)

 photo temporary_zpsf72cbf97.jpg

Ghostbuster Lego was not the only thing to come, after several delays and poor communications, I have finally got my Kaosball kickstarter:

 photo temporary_zps73104cb1.jpg

Boy was it heavy and boy was it full of goodies:

 photo temporary_zps08f1642d.jpg

 photo temporary_zps9c488c8a.jpg

So lets look at what I got for £115:

Inside the box we find 2 neat box full of goodies hiding more underneath:

 photo temporary_zps5428db6e.jpg
Ringers, tokens and cards:
 photo temporary_zps7eea70f6.jpg

Teams and walls:
 photo temporary_zps8e7f40e3.jpg
Teams with turny dials:

 photo temporary_zpse42c6e4a.jpg

Magnetic upgrade cards:

 photo temporary_zps0eb4d693.jpg

Score sheet and pitch:

 photo temporary_zps13e526e3.jpg photo temporary_zpsb12ac0a3.jpg
Next is the additional team I'll the pictures to the talking:

 photo temporary_zps91e6d780.jpg

 photo temporary_zps142f9478.jpg

 photo temporary_zpse8d4e96f.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsb6ee65b3.jpg

 photo temporary_zps197bdaa4.jpg

 photo temporary_zpscd7607e0.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsf95b69d6.jpg

 photo temporary_zps2f56d0cf.jpg

 photo temporary_zps455a8626.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsa6c87532.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsb1195fad.jpg

 photo temporary_zps4a5a6ec7.jpg

 photo temporary_zpsaf64836a.jpg

 photo temporary_zps0d474506.jpg

Loads of extra ringers way to many to open:

 photo temporary_zpsf9f09b81.jpg

It does not end there I got more:

 photo temporary_zps6c986935.jpg

More lovely Knight models, I am gonna paint these before the DK commission to warm up the wrist and hopefully reduce the carpel tunnel.

The Thing and Cyclops:

 photo temporary_zpsdb73d2dd.jpg

I said it was a big'un lots of pictures, but who the first leave a comment :D

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